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-I do not accept refunds or exchanges.

-You must pay in full. I do accept Afterpay and Paypal Later.

- Do not change your order after you have already paid! I base the price off of the materials and time the piece requires, so changing your order will also change what materials I need and how long it will take to make. 


1. Are you taking custom orders? Yes, but you must reserve a custom order slot on my custom orders page.

2. Do you ship internationally? Yes, international shipping ranges from $15-$45 depending on weight.

3. How long does it take to crochet items? It can take a range from several hours to several days.

4. What type of yarn do you use? I normally use 100% Acrylic Yarn because it doesn't shrink in the wash. You can request other yarn types like cotton though!

5. What is your turnaround time? It depends on how many orders I have and how busy I am in my personal life. I usually try to fulfill orders within 2 weeks - 2 months.

6. How do I get my discount code because I'm ordering from a new state? Message me and I will create a code for you!

7. How do I care for my items? I suggest you hand wash and air dry them. You can machine wash and dry them on delicate if necessary. Keep in mind that crochet pieces are delicate!

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