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1. Fill out this custom order form. There are a limited amount of custom orders that I take at a time, so snag a slot ASAP.

2. I will send you an email (from asking for additional information regarding what you'd like, pictures (if you have any) of what you want, size, etc. After I get a response, I will follow up with more questions depending on what you'd like. Example: If you want shorts, I'll ask for your waist measurement, your hip measurement, how long you'd like the shorts, and the inseam.  

Additional Information:

  • I will give you a quote once I am aware of your measurements, what you'd like, and an estimate of the cost for shipping (larger items will have a higher shipping cost and vice versa).

  • Shipping cost is based on the size/weight of the package and where I am shipping it to (within the US or internationally.)